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Selecting new windows for your home can be a difficult task. The possibilities are endless. Unfortunately, not all windows are created equal. When making your selection, you should consider the following: what type of windows are you looking for? Wood, vinyl or metal? Years ago, the choices were limited. Wood windows were attractive but expensive. No one had much faith in the vinyl products. Most settled for metal windows. Today, vinyl has overtaken metal windows in popularity. In areas of extreme weather, an energy efficient dual pane vinyl product makes a lot of sense. Andersen Wood Windows offers quality wood windows as well as others products.

Another strong consideration in your decision making is the window warranty. Some company's warranties are very limited in scope. We sell a lot windows at G. H. Slack and Son and unless you are dealing with a reputable manufacturer who stands behind his products, you are asking for trouble. Milgard Vinyl Windows offers great selection, quality and excellent warranties. Recently we added Simonton Windows to our preferred list. Check them out. There are a multitude of window manufacturers. We have included some of them in our link section.